CA TB 117-2013
January 21, 2014
Update on California flammability regulation...learn more

Affordable Healthcare Act
August 22, 2013
Foundation and update for AHA...learn more

Just-in-Time Frame Production
June 18, 2013
Plan to increase production efficiency...learn more

Patent Law Changes
February 28, 2013
Patent law changes under the America Invents Act...learn more

Supply Chain Conference
February 21, 2013
Supply chain issues...
learn more

CPSIA Training
February 4, 2013
Undue influence on 3rd party labs... learn more

Programs offering solutions on environmental issues of major importance to you and your company.

Programs on the domestic and global economy, general business environ- ment, and outlook for the industry.

           human resources
Keep abreast of the latest standards, ruling, compliance procedures, organized labor activities and trends.

       information technology
E-commerce and the furniture supply chain, with standards development and  communications.

Share best practices and stay abreast of cutting-edge developments in furniture manufacturing.

              product standards
Product standards, specifications and compliance.

Ergonomics, safety schools, and other programming focusing on industry-specific practices and issues.

              supply chain
Managing supply chain activities for performance optimization and increased profits.

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